Bracebridge Heath Preschool & Nursery Newsletter  Autumn/ winter  2021

Dear parents / careers

Welcome to all our returning, new children and their families. We have already had a busy first term getting to know all the children; the beginning of autumn term is always busy settling our new children, supporting them to adapt to the new routine enabling them to feel safe. It has also been first time using our 2-year room which has given our younger children a safe space to play and learn benefitting from the smaller space and age-appropriate activities. We have also enjoyed celebrating autumn and all that autumn has to bring, from collecting leaves and conkers, planting, making our scarecrow to finding spider webs and Halloween related actives.

Thank you to all for the support with our fundraising raffle. Fundraising is a very important part of preschool it helps us to provide the best resources and keep costs to a minimum. As you are aware we are a charity and trustee run, if anyone is interested in helping either with fundraising or taking a more important role, please speak to Mrs. Lynn for details. Our AGM was held on the 7th of October and the existing trustees were quite disappointed that no one either parents/carers or anyone from our wider community attended. As we stated, childcare experience is not required. We require people who can spare a little time to attend meetings approximately every 8 weeks. We do have some legal requirements to follow in accordance with the charities commission with submitting any changes, and a yearly financial report. To be able to run as a charity setting, we do have to have a board of trustees which include a chair, secretary and treasure as a minimum. Joanna Swain is currently our chair, with Emily Flaxington being the secretary. We do still need a treasure if anyone would be interested.  At the AGM we had a member of the early years and childcare support team came to speak to people about what being a trustee means.  Foe anyone wanting to know more about becoming a trustee, roles and responsibilities there are free training courses run by the early years and childcare support team.

As the weather is changing, please provide your child with suitable outdoor clothing as we will continue to use the outside areas as this enhances the children experiences and learning. All personal belongings should be named as you can imagine it is very difficult to connect the correct clothes to the correct children when the children themselves don’t often know which is theirs. At home it would be beneficial if you get your child to know their own belongings. This in turn will greatly help them when transitioning within the setting and to school.

As part of the new EYFS it is our responsibility to help educate oral health, as the number of children with decay has risen over the years resulting in needing teeth removed. We provide the children with healthy snacks and meals and promote balanced diets. Lunch boxes should also be healthy and kept to a minimum as a full lunchbox with lots of choice can be very daunting, please bear this in mind when making lunchboxes. Another thing to bear in mind is what goes into their box, children will be encouraged to eat their healthy foods first these could be things like pasta, sandwiches, crackers, fruits, veg sticks, yoghurts before occasional treats but we do not allow sweets in lunch boxes. Mrs Lynn had a recent visit to the dentist and got chatting about the eyfs and safeguarding reforms for oral health. The dentist said the best advice to give parents are: read nutritional value of a product to check for hidden sugars especially where it says carbohydrates of sugars. Some which are popular in lunch boxes are actually not good at all for young teeth, being, fruit shoots, raisins in any form even those covered in a yoghurt coating. Tube style yogurts as they are sucking these through their teeth, a pot of yoghurt is so much better and cheaper if you get the large pots and put some into a little container. Snacks made from fruit often contain more sugar than a bag of sweets. We are getting sweets in lunch boxes. Children cannot have these. Please do not put them in as it causes distress to the child. Children need sauces of protein to keep them going and grow, so jam sandwiches are also to be avoided please. Some of the lunch boxes only contain high sugar carbohydrates, crisps and a high sugar yogurt or chocolate bar.

Please see the photos for examples of hidden sugars

It is also recommended that drinks bottles contain only water. We do provide milk and water for the children at snack time and water is always available for the children to help themselves to.  If your child prefers juice, then have a weak juice but be aware of hidden sugars.  We will be helping children to understand where food originates from, as it is not the supermarket.

We are happy to work with parents with potty training and ask that parents/ careers inform us of any changes. Parents are the first educators for their child, if you need help then you can access many avenues from, health visitors (01522 308686) and courses, drop-in sessions at the children’s centers.  They also provide support for parents from conception to 19yrs old.

Please provide nappies, pull ups, wipes, bags and spare clothing where appropriate. We ask that no creams are left in children’s bags. Any child having medication including creams needs to be recorded and signed by you to give us permission to administer it.

Coats/shoes……. Please as part of your home routine teach your children how to put their coats and shoes on. We are also doing this at nursery. Plus, some children have the same coats. Please clearly name them.

It is important that you inform us of any changes to contact details as soon as possible in case of an emergency.

If anyone has not returned their child’s learning journey, please do so as soon as possible.

Could all parents pay any outstanding fees, Our Financial officer will from the 1st of November be adding a late payment charge, as she keeps chasing parents for payment, this incurs additional costs to us. thank you. If you do not receive a bill before the end of term, please contact Mrs Lynn who will investigate and will print you a bill. (We do know some parents have had difficulty accessing their bills)

We would just like to clarify what you are paying for regarding the consumables, which are:  All cleaning products, toilet, and hand towels, Utility bills/waste disposal. Maintenance upkeep, and snack. Under the guidance of the EYFS for additional charges. (updated from 2nd November 2020) From January 4th Preschool will increasing the daily charge of £1.00 to £1.50 for snack and consumables for the days your child attends You will be invoiced either monthly or half termly by our financial officer for this. Payments are to be made by online bank account transfer preferably.  If your child stays for breakfast or tea, there is an additional charge of £6.00 per hour if you have used all your funded hours. If you do use some of your funded hours for the extension of hours which are out of our normal delivery of 9.00am to 3.00pm which we are now allowing, there is still a charge of £2.00 per mealtime.  This will be reviewed, if necessary, as within accordance to the eye funding and our hours set for this, we do not have to offer parents the use of their funded hours for claims outside of 9.00am to 3.00pm.

we will be starting to think about Christmas. The children will be given the opportunity to learn some Christmas songs and participate in some Christmas themed activities. We have learnt a lot about your children’s likes, dislikes and interests and their abilities and will base our activities on these findings to help them grow and develop.

We are planning to hold a Christmas fair, party and concert for all the children on the afternoon of Friday 10th December. All children are welcome to attend even if this is not their normal session. The Party will be from 12.00pm (we will ask for party food donations nearer the time) The party will be at lunch time, so no lunch boxes required. Then from 2.00pm all parents/carers are invited to attend the sing along, whilst having a browse and play on the tombola, Christmas themed games, pre-loved stall and raffle. There will also be refreshments for a small donation. If due to work etc. and you need your child to attend the morning session as an additional to their normal, then there is a fee of £18.00

Lincolnshire Safeguarding Partnership would like us to remind parents about the importance of internet safety. You can follow this service on facebook at www.facebook/linconshirescp  to find out any aspect of keeping everyone safe. All training courses on their site are free.

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s learning, please speak to their key person, Mrs. Lynn or Mrs. Marfleet who would be happy to discuss any concerns.

To help with our fund raising you can sign into easy fundraising then access your normal online shopping provider. We are also registered with Amazon smile, which again you just access through your account.  Please do give this a go as we receive a percentage of what you spend. Again, fundraising plays an important part for us to be able to purchase new resources and equipment for thew children.

Term ends for term time and stretched offer on Friday 17h December. We return on Tuesday 4th January 2022.

Holiday club will return for the February half term, part of the Easter holidays and Whitson week. Then over the summer holidays too.