On behalf of the Bracebridge Heath Pre-school committee, welcome to our November 2019 newsletter.

Important date – Thursday 14th November. 7pm Annual general meeting.                                                                                Pre-school is run by a voluntary committee. It is very important we ensure we have enough committee members. The committee is made up of a Treasurer, chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary and up to 5 other members. There are various tasks that need to be dealt with for example:- fundraising, making collective important decisions, attending meetings, dealing with outside agencies etc. we meet approximately 6 times a year to discuss any  topics or issues. This is a lovely opportunity for you to meet people and for you to enhance your child’s setting. We are a friendly and welcoming bunch so please come along to our AGM. It will not be a long meeting. Anyone can join, Mum, Dad, Nan, Grandad, Uncle etc.

Helpers– We are also looking for helpers. We need someone who can help out with any maintenance or gardening. For example, painting a fence, rails, fort, removing topsoil, planting etc.

We will be holding our Christmas concert on Thursday 19th December at Preschool. This event is for all the children, even if they do not attend on a Thursday afternoon.

Time start of concert 2.15pm.

We will be opening up Preschool from 1.45, for you to arrive with your child. We will be having a raffle, selling children’s decorations, wine & water game etc. The committee/helpers will be running these to fund raise. (fundraising is by ‘the friends of Bracebridge Heath Pre-school’)

Christmas raffle-  Mrs Lynn  will be organising the Christmas raffle. She will be sending out letters to organisations asking for prizes. Alongside these prizes will be a Christmas hamper made up of the parent’s donations. These donations will consist of the prizes that will be on the list.

Thankyou for your continuing support.

So far, we have from, Lincoln Bowling two games for a family of 4 voucher, a gentleman’s hair cut from ‘Salvatore Barbershop

Preschool Breaks up for Christmas on the 19th December and returns on Monday 6th January.

All the staff and committee wish you a very merry Christmas