Newsletter Autumn Term 2019

Dear Parents/ Carers,

Welcome back to pre-school to all our children and families that were with us last term, and a warm welcome to our new starters and their families. A big thank you to all your support that you gave, in particular at fundraising events, which allows us to continue to improve our provision for the children.

Please do not forget to name all the items of clothing and any other belongings that your child may bring in to pre-school please( including bags, lunchboxes, cardigans etc) As I’m sure you can appreciate, there are a lot of children with us and it can be confusing for the children ( and staff!) when we don’t know what belongs to whom.  Preschool cannot be held liable for any personal items. As the weather is turning colder, please ensure your child has outdoor winter clothing, i.e. warm waterproof coat, hat, gloves, scarf, and wellies (as necessary).

Please remember that children’s lunch boxes should contain only healthy foods. The reason for this guidance is in accordance with the government’s healthy eating plan; no sweets in lunch boxes thank you.

Your child’s key person is always available for you to discuss any queries and we welcome any contributions you may have from home to help us be informed of your child’s current interests or achievements, or of things that they do not enjoy as this will help us to plan their learning experiences. These contributions can be made verbally to the key person, in note form, a photograph or it may just be a picture they have drawn or coloured, which can be added to Tapestry (all parents have been added and you should of received an email from Tapestry to activate your account) May we remind you to please look at your child’s tapestry journals, and we do welcome your feedback on here.   We very much welcome parents/carers to come and join in your child’s key group time or stay and play, just speak to your child’s key person to arrange.

Online Safety

At our setting , we practice and are very conscious of online safety for our children, even at their tender age. We ensure that our children are only exposed to educational and age appropriate material. This is all observed by staff. The DFE propose that parents/carers also maintain this at home- children can easily access inappropriate material via adverts, misleading titles etc.


This half term we will be continuing our key group activities, next steps, and also looking at cultural events and festivities. All our activities follow our children’s interests, and our play activities promote learning following the EYFS curriculum. Please inform us of any celebrations/events which are special to you, that you wish us to include in our activities. Your support and input are always welcome. Halloween is on  Thursday 31st October- children can come dressed up in spooky costumes if they wish.

This year the children will be designing their own Christmas cards (which are then beautifully printed). You will be able to purchase these, and this also helps towards preschool fundraising. These will be available after half term.

Fundraising and committee

We are a committee run preschool and rely on fundraising to maintain our provision of care for our children. We very much welcome and need new committee members!! Your help is appreciated in any way i.e. fundraising ideas, donations and links to businesses , joining the committee etc. If you can help , please speak to a member of staff or Julia Broughton our chair person, Laura Stoppard our treasurer or Sandra Barnell our secretary.

Please remember to check our outdoor and indoor notice boards, website and Facebook page for information, and please do not hesitate to ask staff for information. We have a comments book, which we put near the fire register, so please feel free to add your comments.





we regularly visit and support our local library. They provide a valuable service including “Storytime” – the next session is on Wednesday 23rd October 11am.


DIARY DATES – we will be having a Christmas celebration at St Johns church, we will let you know the date when we have booked it .


Preschool will be delivering the 38 weeks of early years entitlement funding as follows:


Half term –  Monday 21st October , return Tuesday 29th October

Halloween – Thursday 31st October ( dress up day)

St Johns Primary Academy are closed for training on FRIDAY 15 NOVEMBER, preschool will be OPEN AS NORMAL.

Storytime at library – Wednesday 27 November

Christmas break – Thursday 19th December , return Monday 6th January

Half term – Thursday  13th  February , return Monday 24th February

Easter break – Thursday 2nd April, return Monday 20th April

Half term – 22nd May , return 1st June

Summer break – Tuesday 14th July ( staff will finish 17th July due to cleaning and training).