Autumn term newsletter 2018

Welcome back to everyone, hope you all had an enjoyable summer break, and a big hello to our new children and families joining us.

Now the weather is turning cooler/wetter, please ensure your child attends preschool in adequate clothing. We do have some wet weather clothes and wellies in setting, but please provide your child with named hats, gloves, scarves etc. as necessary for the weather conditions. Should you wish your child to come in their own boots/shoes, please provide a change of footwear e.g. trainers or plimsolls, if weather is wet. Please bear in mind our storage is limited, and it would be useful if you please provide a peg with your child’s boots. Please ensure ALL your child’s items are named please, this includes coats, lunchboxes, bags, shoes, jumpers etc.- this helps your child identify their things, and as you can appreciate we have a lot of duplicate items; so it also helps staff and other parents. We ask that you do not leave creams, medicines, lip balms etc. in bags- please give to a member of staff. 

Changing items

If your child requires change of clothes, pull ups, nappies etc., we ask you provide adequate for your child. If your child needs to be changed at toilet time, please provide wipes, nappy bags, and adequate underwear/ nappies/pull ups. We do have spare, however our resources are limited, and our outgoings of these items have increased. If this continues we will have no option but to charge extra for these items. As a charity, our funds are limited, and we endeavour to put as much as we can to the children’s education, and ensuring we have a safe and inviting environment


We welcome donations of snack- we ensure the children have a healthy balanced diet. Examples of snack could include, crackers, fruit, vegetables, cheese, humus, etc. please no “sweets” and we keep “sweet” biscuits/cakes for special occasions and birthdays. As with changing resources, should we not continue to receive donations of snack, than we may have to consider charging parents for this service. 

Other donations 

We also welcome donations of tissues, kitchen roll, spare clothes, and wellies.

Packed lunches

As we promote healthy diets for the children, please bear this in mind for the children’s packed lunches. We don’t allow sweets in packed lunches, and please limit “treats” such as chocolate biscuits. Please ensure your child has adequate, protein, carbohydrate, fruit/veg etc. Please feel free to discuss this with staff should you wish.

We also have limited space and store lunchboxes on a trolley at ambient room temperature (we adhere to all health and safety regulations) should you wish to pack a “cool pack” in your child’s lunch please do so – this is particularly useful in warmer weather.

Committee members (we need your help!)

We are a charity run, committee based setting. We have been in the village for over 35years and need committee members to ensure our setting remains running. We need new members to help support us- if you can volunteer to help in any way, fund raising, or using your skills to become a trustee please speak to Mrs Lynn or Mrs Wilson. We value our committee members tremendously.


This term we will be concentrating on settling the children into the setting and routine. Our activities follow interests of the children, we also celebrate important events and festivals, together with the children’s next steps, which ensure the children are progressing in their learning and development. We carry out focused activities mainly at “key group” once our children are settled, staff will be inviting parents/carers to join us for these groups, should you wish. We are happy for parents/carers to “stay and play” and welcome your input- please speak to staff if you wish to join us. We regularly input the children’s learning progression on our online journal “tapestry”. We welcome your input too, so this could be activities you do with the children, items about home and family, etc. 

Please feel free to talk to staff, we are happy to help with anything you need to know, or wish to share with us. Also please remember to look at our notice boards (front of the building) our Facebook page, and website.

HALF TERM BREAK – we break up on Friday 19th October and return Tuesday 30th 0ctober. Halloween is on the 31st October so should you wish, your child can come in “dressing up “for any day that week. We will be carrying out themed fun themed activities.