Autumn Term Newsletter 2014

Dear Parents/ Carers,

Welcome to our new children and their families, and to those of you who are returning to pre-school this autumn. We hope you enjoyed the holidays and would like to say thank you to everyone who supported the summer fund raising event which proved to be an enjoyable last day of term and raised approximately £300 for pre-school funds. The children enjoyed learning and performing their songs for you, and their rendition of “if you’re happy and you know it” in Italian, was fantastic learning! We plan to use the money raised to maintain and provide new play resources for the setting.
If you have been given a learning journey booklet to complete, we would like to request the return of these as soon as possible please. The information given will form part of your child’s development record and it helps us to learn more about them, therefore aiding their settling in process. If there are any concerns or queries during this time please speak to your child’s Key person who will do their best to help.
We have a notice board and parent information files concerning a range of topics that may be of interest or helpful. Included is information about our committee and how to join for anyone who would like to increase their support and help to improve the facility for the benefit of all our children. Parent partnership is important to us and we welcome any comments or suggestions you might have. A suggestions box is provided for this or just talk to us if you prefer. Parents are invited to help out, read stories or share any other talents they may have. We are especially looking for keen gardeners to help with a bit of weeding/planting. Please let us know if you can support us in any way we are always grateful and the children do enjoy having people in to show them new things, even family pets are welcome (sorry no dogs/cats).
Donations of healthy snacks help to keep our costs low, so thank you all for your continued support with this. The children enjoy sharing snack they have brought in. Boxes of tissues are also very useful at this time of year.
We will be inviting all parents to a “parent and keyperson” on Wednesday 12th November. This will start at 7.15pm. This gives parents/carers opportunity to discuss their child’s progress at preschool. Appointment slips will be given out. If you cannot make this evening, and wish to have an appointment, please see your child’s key person to arrange another time.
It is important that children arrive on time and are collected promptly at the end of each session. Please ensure that your child is accompanied in and out of the building by an adult, this helps with safe guarding. We do not allow children to leave the building with anyone who is not mentioned on the pick- up permission forms. Please remember to inform us if of any person you may ask to collect your child is named on the Fire register for that day. These measures are all in place to ensure their safety.
Please!! name all items of clothing and children’s possessions including lunch boxes. Items are easily mixed up or lost in large groups so this simple procedure will help us to avoid unnecessary upset.
Lunch boxes should contain a healthy balance of food please. Sweets and nuts are not permitted in lunch boxes. We do allow parents to send a cake or sweets for the children to take home as a special treat when celebrating a Birthday. Unfortunately we do not have enough fridge space for lunchboxes, and lunchboxes are stored at room temperature, so if your child is attending all day you can put a cool pack in your Childs box if you wish.

We will begin with the theme ‘All about Me’. The children will be talking about themselves and their families and learning about each other and us. This is a settling in activity for the children, and will help them feel safe and comfortable in the setting, and help establish relationships. This is just a starting point and we will follow their interests and play ideas to inform future planning and next step activities. There will be the addition of key learning events such as festivals and healthy living.
The children will also make our “birthday board”. This term it will follow the theme of “seasonal flowers”. This term we have also introduced our “terrific tree”. The staff will record, on paper leaves, key positive and celebratory behaviours, activities, etc that the children express in the setting. It would be great if parents/carers can also tell us about positive experiences with the children, and these can be added to the tree.
We cover all areas of play/learning both indoors and outdoors.
Personal Social and Emotional Development
We will be concentrating helping the new children to settle in and gain confidence. Key group and circle times provide the opportunity for this. This term, we are inviting parents to join us for key group sessions. Your Childs key person will share details of this with you. We will initially give the children time to settle in before we start the invitations.
At preschool, children can share information about their home and family, begin to learn each other’s names and build friendships. We will talk about behaviour that makes us happy at pre-school thus strengthening their knowledge of boundaries. Developing their self- help skills is important and parents can help us with this by encouraging them to find their own coat peg and to take off and hang up their coat and bag on arrival, help dress themselves, open/ close their lunchbox etc.
We also encourage the children to respect and treat toys/resources with care. The children are encouraged o help tidy up and also to help and respect others. Our day has a “flexible” routine, which helps children to feel secure and know what will happen in the session.
Communication Language and Literacy
The children are encouraged to recognise their name by self- registering and using their name cards throughout the session. We provide an environment rich with words and pictures so they begin to understand that print carries meaning. We will be singing songs and rhymes and listening to stories. A range of mark making equipment is available for use during play; this will help to develop their fine and gross motor skills. They are able to participate in visits to the local library for story sessions. We listen to them and encourage conversation whilst always respecting their right to be silent if they prefer.
Problem Solving Reasoning and Numeracy
We use number language regularly during play, circle time, story time and when singing songs and rhymes. The children have made number lines and that are used for matching and number recognition. During cooking and sand and water play they will be introduced to measures, quantity, weight and shapes. During outdoor play we sometimes play hopscotch, skittles and target games which help them to understand number sequence, addition and subtraction.
Knowledge and Understanding
As summer turns to autumn the children will be able to observe the changes to our outdoor environment. They can help to tidy the flower gardens and vegetable plot and consider what they would like to plant in the future. We can discuss how families around the world traditionally celebrate the Harvest Festival and we will celebrate various festivals. At circle time we will talk about our family holidays and this will enable them to gain knowledge of different countries around the world and strengthen their understanding of other family groups within the community. The pre-school has a range of technological toys and a computer to support and extent their ICT skills.
Physical Development
The children will be supported to understand the importance of healthy eating and physical exercise, and we encourage healthy snacks and lunchboxes when sitting together to eat. There is a large range of equipment to practice on and challenge their developing skills. The staff and children often play group games and dance together. We will talk about our families and any particular sporting interests that children enjoy at home.
Creative Development
Following the theme ‘All about me’ the children can create pictures of their family. We will be doing hand and feet printing and learning about our senses, we will provide plenty of opportunities for messy play so that they can explore using all of these. The role play area and dressing up clothes will be adapted from time to time following our observations of their play.

Don’t forget to check the notice board for updates of activities and events. The weekly planning is always displayed so you can find out what the children have been doing and what they are are interested in. If you have any queries regarding the planning please ask Mrs Lynn or Mrs Wilson. We also welcome your input and ideas, so please feel free to express ideas you or your child has.
We work in partnership with Waddington Children’s centre sited at Redwood Primary School-Tel 721750. You can access a range of activities for children; there are also adult learning training courses and advice on hand with child development queries. Contact the outreach team, Tracy 07739036599 or Tanya 07713307971 to have a confidential chat.

Diary Dates 2014
Term 1 Thursday 4th September- Friday 24th October 2014
Pre-School Committee AGM Friday 10th October at 7.30pm Venue Preschool
Term 2 Monday 3rd November- Thursday 18th December 2014
(12th November- “keyperson evening”)
Term 3 Tuesday 6th January- Friday 13th February 2015
Term 4 Monday 23rd February- Friday 27th March 2015
(Bank holidays- Friday 3rd April, Mon 6th April)
Term 5 Tuesday 14th April- Friday 22nd May 2015
(Bank holidays – Monday 4th May & Monday 25th May)
Term 6 Monday 1st June- Wednesday 22nd July 2015

Please note some dates may be subject to change due to school/preschool teacher training days