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The Data Protection Act 1998 gives you various rights to do with the information that businesses, the Government and other organisations hold about you. Under the new General Data protection Regulation (GDPR) May 2018 ‘the rights of the data subjects’ It is a requirement of my registration with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to provide you with information about the details we keep about you and your child.

Personal information that Bracebridge Heath Preschool uses and holds is covered by the Data Protection Act.

This notice is to make sure you are fully aware of how we may use your personal information should you send your child to Bracebridge Heath Preschool. It covers the areas set out below:

The data controllers are the management committee of Bracebridge Preschool. Information/data received from parents/carers and legitimate third parties are processed by the Preschool manger, treasure, the Preschool accountant, Local Authority Early Years Entitlement team and Inland Revenue.

    • How we collect information about you and any children who attend preschool,
    • How we use personal information,
    • How long we keep personal information,
    • Who we share personal information with,
    • Where we process personal information,
    • Our commitment to you,
    • What rights you have over personal information.

How we collect information about you

When you send your child to Bracebridge Heath Preschool, we receive information about you and any children who attend preschool in a number of different ways.

You may give us the information for, legitimate interests and contractual purposes. This may happen when you:

  • Apply for, and complete an application form or we offer you, a place at Preschool;
  • When you let us know about a change in your personal circumstances (for example, if you: change your phone number, change your name when you get married or move house, add or remove persons from the pickup permissions forms. Information about health and care for your child).
  • Complete the Lincolnshire local authority ‘parent declaration form’ to receive 15/30 hrs government funding for early years children.
  • We may receive it from another organisation, for example, should we be required to work with: health visitors, speech & language, other health professionals, social services.

How we use personal information

We use information that we have about you and your children for business purposes. These purposes generally fall into the following areas.

1 Administration – This applies to past, current and potential future children and their parents / guardians.

We use this information for the provision of child care.

The types of personal information we collect and use include:

  • The personal details of your child;
  • The payment of fees due;
  • Details of the child’s Family (so we can contact you in case of an emergency)
  • Medical information (so we can cater for any special needs)
  • Ethnic background of your child (this is collected by Lincolnshire County Council as part of the process to obtain Early Years Education Funding for your child). This is also used to inform us of any ethnic customs to be considered and respected.
  • 2 Provision of Education – This applies to past, current and potential future children and their parents / guardians.

We use this information to ensure that your child’s development needs are catered for.

The types of information we collect and use include:

  • Development and educational details that comply with the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) (so we can ensure your child’s development needs are catered for).
  • A statutory 2 year old check.
  • Assessments, individual planning and regular progress summaries
  • Individual health and care plans
  • The preschool uses an online learning journal ‘Tapestry’
  • We also use paper based information which goes into your child’s learning journal booklet
  • Paper copies of information received from other educational or health professional bodies.

3 Keeping you informed – This applies to current, past and potential future children and their parents / guardians.

We use this information to keep you updated about events at Preschool (e.g. to let you know about events and changes to schedules).

The types of information we collect and use include:

  • Email address. So we can email you updates.
    (Note: This is optional, and you can opt out of receiving email updates at any time).

Details of all events and notices will always be posted on the Preschool notice board/facebook page

  • We hold key person parent/carers meetings about your child.
  • When you sign up to receiving and giving information though ‘Tapestry’

How long we keep personal information

All personal information regarding parents/carers and children is stored in a LOCKABLE METAL cupboard. Then when your child leaves information which is required to be kept is stored in sealed boxes in a locked shed.

  • We are required to keep certain personal information including registers, medication record and medical administration records, accident/incident record forms, existing injuries, concerns about a child, attendance registers, local safeguarding records,  pertaining to the children for at 21 years after the child has left Preschool (sometimes up to 25yrs). This is in order to comply with ‘Early Years Foundation Stage Welfare Requirements’ (given legal force by Childcare Act 2006) and other legislation (e.g. Limitation Act 1980/The Statute of Limitations (Amendment) Act 1991).
  • Child record and emergency contact details, learning and development information are kept until a child leaves the preschool
  • Local Authority funding forms are kept for 3 years, as requested by Local Authority.
  • Complaints, these are recorded and stored as a legal obligation under the EYFS 2017 framework. We will keep these in the office lockable filing cabinet for 3 years.
  • All information which is no longer relevant for Preschool to keep will be destroyed by shedding.

Who we share personal information with

Generally we only use your information within preschool.  There are some occasions when we need to share personal information about you and / or your child with third parties. These are:

  • If your child is entitled to Early Years Education Government Funding, we are required to share your personal details with Lincolnshire County Council County Council in order to identify your child and prove entitlement to funding. Parent/Carer national insurance number, name and date of birth for the purpose of claiming he 30hrs funding for working parents or Pupil Premium.
  • Every now and again, we receive requests for information from schools, government departments, the police and other enforcement agencies. If there is a proper legal basis for sharing your personal information, we will provide it to the organisation that is asking for it.
  • We may on occasion use your personal information for the purposes of recovery of overdue fees.
  • In case of an emergency, we may need to share with the emergency services details of your child including details of any medical conditions as provided to us by you.
  • To contact you when we want to inform you about events at Preschool.
  • With parental/carer permission we share your child’s information on their learning and development with the Early Years local Authority Service and other medical/professional bodies where a need has been identified.

Where we process personal information

We will only store and use your personal information in the United Kingdom

Our commitment to you

We will process your personal information in line with the Data Protection Act. This means that we will:

  • only collect and hold information about you which we need for some reason;
  • keep your personal information up to date and accurate (to help us do this, please let us know if any of your details change);
  • take appropriate steps to protect your personal information from being used without permission, or illegally, and to safeguard your rights; and destroy your personal information in a secure way once we no longer need it by shedding it.
  • Any data breaches where it results in an individual’s personal information being obtained by an un-authorised third party, will be reported to, the ICO, Ofsted and the Charities Commissions.

What rights you have over your personal information

You have certain rights over your personal information. Most importantly, you have a right to ask for a copy of all the personal information we hold about you but there are some legal exceptions to this, such as information which is confidential to Preschool. If you would like a copy of your personal information, you should contact our Manager. We will process your request under the terms of our Subject Access Policy.

Children’s data which is stored on ‘Tapestry’

Due to the nature of our setting, staff periodically take their ‘Lenovo’ tablet and children’s paper learning journals home. There is a legitimate interest for this, so the staff can provide a high quality of service for processing, maintaining and updating their key children’s development and learning in accordance to the EYFS principals.

Staff have signed that they will adhere to the ICT-Tablet for Staff Policy November 2016.

Any breach of this policy can result in a disciplinary action of Gross Misconduct taken.

Signed by Chair of Committee               Date:

Julie Brooks



Charity No. 1037893, Ofsted N68966.      Phone. 01522569666