Registration Form

Birth Certificate Checked

I give consent for any person I/we nominate to share information about my/our child:

I give permission for information to be shared with; grandparents:

I give permission for information to be shared with; Childminder:

I give permission for information to be shared with my child’s health visitor:

Is your child currently or have been involved with any other professional services:

New Field

I/we consent for Preschool to know who may child’s doctor is and understand that if necessary information may be shared.

Is the preschool if required allowed to share information with either the doctor or health visitor?

Does your child have any medical needs ?

Written consent and instruction on dosage is required for the administering of all medicines, including asthma sufferers who need to use inhalers. Does your child have their paediatric vaccinations:

Corrective effective First Aid will be carried out on your child if needed; all staff have completed Lincolnshire childcare support service approved Paediatric First Aid Training. I consent to any first aid treatment being given to my child during the session

I consent for plasters to be used on my child when needed

I consent for Sun Cream to be applied on my child when needed. Sun Cream is to be provided by parents with the child’s name on the bottle and handed to a member of staff.

Emergency professional medical help will be sought if the injury or medical condition requires. I/we consent to emergency service to be called out for my child’s medical needs.

I consent for photographs of my child to be taken and used within the setting (this is in addition to those used for your child’s learning journey development records)

I consent for my child’s photograph to be taken with other children to be used for the purpose of their and other children’s learning journeys/Tapestry online learning journal.

Within the preschool we like to display children’s work and have their first name only with the date of their birthday, which we put on our birthday display board. Please can you sign that you agree for these to be displayed.

Children’s Centre information - Do you access a children’s centre?

Preschool News Letters. We will be sending out periodic newsletters updating parents/carers on events, activities and information. Please can you indicate if you would like to receive information regarding Preschool. These are also put onto our website for you to read.

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