December news update: 2019

  1. Decorations made by the children go on sale from Thursday 5th December we are asking for a minimum £1.50 donation for both decorations please.
  2. Christmas Concert to be held on Thursday 19th Time start 1.45pm

All children are welcome to attend on Thursday afternoon, even if this is not their normal session. We will be providing all of the Christmas themed costumes for the children. For those children who normally stay all day we will keep their costume at preschool. Everyone else will have theirs sent home. On the day, for those we have sent costumes home please arrive at approx. 1.30pm with your child wearing the costume, but please bring clothes for them to change into after the concert. While the children are changing back into their clothes, we will be drawing the raffle. We have some amazing prizes plus the two hampers. Please do not leave after the concert without your child, as we have to put the room back to normal ready for the after-school club.

While you are waiting for the concert to start, we will be serving hot/cold drinks and mince pies for a small donation. If you know that your child will not be able to attend the concert, please let staff know.  As you are aware the preschool room is not that big to accommodate lots of relatives, please bear this in mind. No prams or pushchairs will be allowed into the preschool. Thank you.

We wish you all a very happy Christmas. Preschool returns on Monday 6th January