Dear Parents/ Carers,

Welcome back to pre-school. We hope you all had a lovely half term break.

As the weather is warmer and brighter now (well hopefully!), could we please remind you that children have had sun protection applied prior to coming to preschool, and a hat. If your child attends a full day session, could you please bring in sun protection for them, named please. We ask that this is not to be left in your child’s bag, but be handed to staff. You can leave a bottle in setting if you wish. Also can you please ensure that your child as adequate footwear. Trainers, plimsolls, canvas shoes etc. are ideal for summer play. Please do not send your child in open toed sandals , flip flops, crocs etc., this is for safety reasons- we have a lot of people, chairs, tables, toys etc. and we do not wish any child to get foot injuries. Staff also have to wear covered footwear. Please can you ensure all your child’s belongings are named.

At outdoor play, we ensure that the children have shaded areas of play, and that they do not spend too much time in direct sun.

We do not have facilities to refrigerate the children’s pack lunches, and as it does get warm in our main room, we ask that you please put a cold pack in their box. We provide water/milk for the children throughout the day, so there is no need to bring in extra drinks other than the one they have in their lunch.  We promote healthy/balanced eating, so please no sweets in lunches.   Thank you for your cooperation.


During this term, we will be inviting parents/carers to join us at “key group” sessions. Your child’s keyperson will approach you about whether you wish to join us- but also if you would like to attend a particular session, please speak to your child’s keyperson. At these sessions, we participate in activities that are relevant to our children’s next steps, and interest’s.


This term we will be following the children’s interests, next steps, and festivals and celebrations which include father’s day- 18th June. If there are any events special to you that you would like us to include, please speak to any of the staff. We will also continue with key group, next step activities, and library visits. If you would like any information on these, please feel free to approach any of us.

Please remember to check our outdoor and indoor notice boards, website and Facebook page for information, and please do not hesitate to ask staff for information.

We love to have your feedback and comments on out “Tapestry” learning journal, so please continue. Also it is lovely when parents/carers upload activities which you have done out of setting- we find those a valuable source of information for the children’s learning.

Transitions for the children going to school this September- the children have benefitted from this enormously, and these have been successful. If you have any questions regarding the visits please ask a member of staff. May we remind you that the pre-start visit which school has arranged for you, preschool staff do not take or collect the children. If your child attends an all-day session then you are welcome to bring them into preschool after their school visit.



Upcoming events

SPONSORED WALK WEEK –26th June.  We will be having walks through the wooded area around St John’s hospital site, throughout the week. Monies raised will go to maintaining and providing resources for the children’s learning and play. If there are any parents who would like to help with this please speak to Mrs Lynn or Mrs Wilson.

SPORTS AFTERNOON will be held on Wednesday 5th July on St Johns academy school field (Wednesday morning will be a normal session). Everyone is welcome to attend, so if your child does not attend a session with us on a Wednesday, please come about 1.30pm– We aim to start at about 1.45pm. We will provide water for the children, please ensure they have adequate sun protection and hats. For the safety of the children, we ask that you bring them to preschool, and then you will have access to the school field. When the event has finished, the preschool staff will escort the children back to our building, so that you can collect them from there. We do this so we know all the children have been collected safely. We appreciate your patience with this.

LEAVERS PARTY- This will be held on the morning of Monday 17th July. This is for the leavers only. All school leavers are welcome whether they normally attend a Monday morning or not. For the younger children that usually come on a Monday morning, they can attend the afternoon session instead. For those attending a full day session, they can attend full day as normal if you wish (school leavers only).  If you have any questions about this, please ask.  Good luck to all those going to school, we wish all the children and their families all the best for the future!


Diary Dates;

Break up for summer Monday 17th July (staff will finish Wednesday 19th t July to clean and sort the setting)

Preschool returns for new term Tuesday 5th September.

Further dates/events will be provided accordingly, and don’t forget to look at our indoor/outdoor boards, Facebook page and our website.