Autumn Newsletter 2015

Dear Parents/carers,

Welcome back to all of you who were previously with us last term. Welcome to all our new children and their families who are joining us, we hope you all had an enjoyable and fulfilling time. We would love to hear what the children did during the summer break; so please feel to share any news, adventures, creative activities that you all had! We welcome family input, so please feel free to share information and photographs which can then be put into your Childs learning journey. You are free to chat with your child’s key person, and if we cannot deal with your query at that time please make an appointment with us.

Although your child will have a designated key person, we work very much as a team. All staff support all the children, so please feel welcome to approach any of us. It is important that all children’s clothes, coats, bags etc are named clearly please. As you can appreciate we have a lot of children’s belongings in the setting, some things which are replicated, so naming personal items avoids confusion and loss of property. Please note that Preschool cannot be held responsible for lost items.

If your child is attending a full day session please provide your child with a packed lunch. We promote healthy balanced diets, so ideas for lunches could include sandwiches, fruit, yogurt, cheese, crackers, flapjacks, vegetable sticks etc. While “treats” are fine e.g. fruit flakes, crunch bars, wafers etc, please do not provide sweets/chocolate bars in your Childs lunch. If you have any queries regarding this please feel free to speak to a member of staff. Also please do not include nuts or peanut butter in pack ups or in snack donations. Our lunches are stored on a trolley near the disabled toilet at ambient room temperature, so if you wish to put a cool pack in your Child’s lunch box, please do so. Unfortunately we do not have refrigeration space for all our lunches. Please provide appropriate child size portions, this helps the children feel comfortable sharing their lunch times together. If your child has any allergies or dietary requirements please inform us.

We ask for snack donations, which can consist of: fresh fruit/vegetables, bread sticks, crackers, cheese and so forth. The children enjoy sharing items they have brought in. All donations are gratefully received. If you are unsure of what to donate please ask a member of staff.

We do have spare clothes in the setting; but our resources are limited, so if your child is likely to require a change of clothes, could you please send them with your child, in a bag (named please). Also if your child requires nappy/pull up changes, please provide them with the necessary wipes, bag, nappy, pull ups (We do have these in our setting for “soiling accidents”). If your child requires any skin cream, we ask that you hand this to staff and not leave in children’s bags. If your child has had any medication before coming to the setting, we ask that you please inform us so it can be documented, thus ensuring welfare and safety. If you require us to administer medicine to your child whilst they are in the setting please speak to Mrs Lynn, or Mrs Wilson.

In the unfortunate occurrence that a child has a high temperature or a severe allergic reaction, we are able to administer ibuprofen (pain/fever relief) and loratadine (antihistamine) in a first aid situation. If your child has an allergy to these or you have any questions regarding this, please speak to Mrs Lynn, or Mrs Wilson


For the first couple of weeks of the new term, we will be having a “settling in” period. This will help the children get back into the preschool routine, and support new children feeling comfortable, safe, and happy with their new environment.

Our planning for activities for the children will follow their interests, and learning areas from the EYFS: of which the PRIME areas are; Personal, social and emotional, Physical development, and communication and language; and also the SPECIFIC areas; literacy, maths, understanding the world and expressive arts and design. If you have any queries regarding our planning or the EYFS, please do not hesitate to ask. All our activities are adapted to children’s individual needs. Once the children are settled we will continue with our “key Group Time”. This is where each key person works with their key group on specific learning areas and children’s “next Steps” (promoting learning development).

This term will we also be having parent helpers in our sessions, and students from schools/colleges.

We will let you know about upcoming dates/events in due course, and also please feel free to look at our website and face book account for news. Also we do put information on our notice board on the side of the building, and on our white board inside. Please feel free to approach us with and queries/ideas, and have a happy autumn term!!